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Posting cause I'm bored, and I do not want to prepare for this presentation that I have tonight. *yawn*
Actually, I was supposed to prepare for it last night, but something came up that distracted me. I don't know how many U-Kiss fans I have on my flist, but anyway! We entered their competition where we had to promote U-Kiss. My forum members chose to create a parody of their music video, cause you know, it's fun. But they also decided to re-write the lyrics in English and re-record the song in English. Each participating member also contributed with their own videos to make up the mv. Gosh, that was a lot of work. I didn't participate until the very end cause I was busy with Uni. I mixed the song and also recorded some of the parts cause there were some that were missing. Anyway, it turned out pretty well. They announced the winners yesterday and we placed. Hell, yeah. They eliminated first place cause apparently they couldn't decide on it (bastards). We came second, and we'll receive a headset, a signed cd, signed poster & polaroids. It's a shame I can't keep them. It would be unfair. xD Instead, we're going to use them for giveaways and such.

I've also got two a Dreamwidth invite codes. If anybody wants it, just let me know. (: